Terms and Conditions

Any File uploaded is understood to be valid and non-criminal files, any file deemed to be unsuitable will be removed and in some cases your account terminated. Before uploading you have understood that any copyright of a file or image belongs to you or you have permission to share the file.

Our decision will be final regarding the suitability of files. We won't be held responsible for the content of files or documents uploaded by users. We will delete any accounts that we feel are abusing our system. PLEASE NOTE !

It is also to be taken that any file loaded onto our server(s) will only be copies so you should ensure that you keep an original copy. We will not be held responsible for any file that may be removed or deleted from our server(s).

Further terms and conditions to follow....

The purpose of this site is to allow you to to upload and share files and documents with your colleagues and friends.
You can also use this site as a store for your files to save you sending large files by email.

Can I upload any file and what size ?
Yes, any type of file, XLS, PDF, DOC, JPG, DRG etc. but a max size of 25MB.

What is the Category or Album Name
This allows you to group files or images together and can view them in a group. For example, if you specify the Tag as 'dafc.net' and also specify an Album name then the photo will appear automaticlaly on the DAFC.net web site. The Album name is the place or event, for example if you specify 'Iceland' as the Album name then everybody who has photo's from the Iceland trip will be shown together.

What is a TAG name
A TAG name allows you to mark your files which are related to a web site or event. For example, marking some files as dafc.net will cause these files to be shown on the dafc.net fans photo gallery.